OS X and XP compared

I've been using Macs pretty much for my entire life. I have also used Windows PCs and Linux. I was the system admin for 4 cluster computers running Windows XP in my lab, so I am experienced with how Windows works. I have also set up 5 Linux machines (various flavors) at AYS for the kids and director to use. I have since setup 5 Mac mini's that have been running without any maintenance for over a year.

I know there are many arguments that go back and forth about which OS to use. Before you think about arguing against some platform, think about the last time you used it. If you haven't used the most recent version, OS X 10.5 (released October 26th, 2007), or Windows Vista (released January 30th, 2007), then go try it before you start bashing it.

I originally wrote this summary because a guy in my lab had been harassing me for a few weeks about using Mac. His impression of them was pretty low and he kept telling me that I should get a real computer. So, after a while, I started to get a little annoyed and told him to sit down and I explained a few things to him about why I like the Mac better. After about 15 minutes of explaining how I can connect to my machine from home and run applications (back to Mac), use exposé, host a web server, and use the search bar in every Finder window (not to mention Spotlight), he was starting to understand that OS X is more than just pretty eye candy. He said several times things like: "Oh, that would be nice to be able to do," "That is pretty cool," "The next version of Windows will probably have something like that." In response to that last one, I said: "Yes, it probably will, but I have already been using it for two years. When is the next Windows version coming out? A year and a half?" After this converstation, it got me thinking about all the things I really like about Mac OS X, so I thought I would make a list of them. So, here they are: