Are cigarettes considered trash?

Walking down the street, I see a lot of cigarette butts on the ground. I get the impression that smokers do not think that anything related to cigarettes is considered pollution. I know this is a gross generalization, but the people I know that smoke have a certain attitude about it that annoys me.

So, I was driving down the street and I suddenly saw a bunch of sparks on my front windshield. I had no idea what it was and was extremely concerned. Shortly after, I figured that it was a smoker throwing their cigarette out of their window. I often see smokers throw them out of their car window. Most of the time, it just lands on the street to litter the road.

So, I walk around a fair amount and get smoke in my face or see people dropping their cigarettes on the ground. This happened much more at The University of Tennessee than it does at Northwestern. I have seen a group of smokers lining the walkway across campus with a cloud of smoke surrounding them and cigarette butts on the ground. It smells horrible and I end up holding my breath as I walk past them. I don't understand why people do not crack down on this more. It's littering and air pollution. If you've ever been to California, you'll know how much nicer the air inside restaurants is. They do not allow smoking at all in many buildings and require a seperate air system for smoking and non-smoking sections. The air is so much fresher.

I have no problem with people smoking. They are more than welcome to do it if they so desire. I just have a problem with people leaving traces of their smoke where other people are going to be affected by it.

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