Why be lazy when you are working out?

I workout a fair amount. I like to keep in shape. I go to the gym to get in shape, partially for health reasons, partially cause it is a good way to work off irritation, and partially for how I look.

So, I go into the weight room and am waiting for a machine that someone is using. I see them lifting with it and figure they'll be done soon. They stop and I am expecting them to get up and move a little bit, but they just sit there. I figure they are about to go again, but they wait a few minutes and then do another set.

This is a very common occurence in the weight room. Some people tend to take over machines and just sit on them. These people are here to workout, presumably to get in shape, but they are just sitting there. That is very lazy! They can lift large amounts of weight, but they cannot get up and move around a little bit.

Now, you may be wondering why I don't go up and ask them to work in with them. This is very common and most people will gladly let you, depending on where they are in their set. When I first see someone on the machine I want to use, I have no idea how long they have been sitting there. They might have just sat down and are getting ready to lift or they could have just finished their set. If I go ask them to work in with them, you can appear a little rude if they are about to go. It's also much harder if people have headphones turned up loud and are oblivious to the world around them. I have no problem with headphones, but some people turn them up loud enough that the whole room can hear their music. Chances are, they aren't going to hear me and when they respond, their internal volume level will be a little messed up and they'll probably talk a little bit louder than they normally would. If the person has just finished the set, they are probably more than happy to let you work in. I always try to remember the settings they had them on and return them before I get off the machine. In either case, it would be a lot easier for other people to determine if it's in use if the person if the just stood up when they are waiting for the muscles to cool down.

So, basically, I'm just wondering if people are really this lazy in this country. I would expect people that are making the effort to go to the gym to be a little more willing to get up and move around a little bit. It helps the blood flow. If it's not laziness, then it's just a little rude of people to just sit on the machine for extended amounts of time.

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