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A relatively short history of my life:

It all started a few decades ago with my birth in a Los Alamos Hospital room. Kyle Brandon Reed was born to Jan and Ted Reed. Everyone said I was destined to be a football player, except my mother, who never let me. I grew up under a brother, Kevin, and a sister, Kerry Rachelle, who would both pick on me. I guess I deserved it though for being the pain that I was in my childhood. My family then moved to St. Albans, England for a year. My father had the opportunity to participate in an exchange with the British Home Office for a year. Living in a different culture gave me a different perspective on the United States. We also had the opportunity to spend 8 weeks in Europe traveling around in a motor home. I started school over there, only it was not much like kindergarden in the U.S. It is more like first or second grade. They taught me basic math along with the basic reading concepts (and a few switched letters). It was a fun year traveling around Europe and seeing all the sights. We then moved back to Los Alamos. There, I started kindergarden. So, in a way, I took kindergarden twice. (I can count to ten better than anyone else out there.) At the end of my 6th grade year, I did my first juggling performance. Everyone was impressed, even me. I then advanced to Los Alamos Middle School. Oh, the joys of those awkward years. It was a typical strange time of learning about life and starting to grow up. At the end of my 8th grade year, I performed another juggling show. This one was more impressive, which would make sense, seeing how I was older and had more practice. It was the summer after I 'graduated' from middle school that I was baptized. I then attended Los Alamos High School (LAHS). Throughout high school, I played many sports including being on the freshman Basketball team, the Cross-Country team, the Track and Field team running hurdles, the Diving team, and I played saxophone in the LAHS marching and jazz bands. I made it to the State competition in diving and placed 5th place my Sophomore year, 4th my Junior year, and 3rd my Senior year. Two more years and I would have been destined to get 1st place. In Topper Review '97, I performed another juggling act, only this time, I was wearing a kilt. One of my friends, Ian Guthrie, played the bagpipes, while I juggled. It had a Scottish theme, hence the kilt. I hope you had the opportunity to see it. Following graduation, I went to college at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville where I studied Mechanical Engineering with minors in both Material Science and Engineering Communications. I graduated in May 2001, the first class of the new millennium. I definitely grew up over the four years I was away from home. I had a lot of fun, made some really good friends, and learned an enormous amount. Throughout college, I was involved in several church groups. As graduation neared, I tried to figure out what to do with my life. I applied and was awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship for graduate study. This allowed me to take a year off to go to China to teach English as a second language in a high school. While I was over there, I also had the opportunity to talk about Christianity with my Chinese students, teachers and friends. It was a very rewarding experience that has changed me forever (hopefully for the better). After I came back, I went home to find that my parents were living in Germany (I already knew they had left, but stayed at home with the people who were renting our house). I then drove up to Chicago, where my brother is currently living, and stayed with him for a month while I got settled in and started Graduate School at Northwestern University. During grad school, I met a beautiful woman named Gigi in the Graduate Christian Fellowship who was also an engineer. A couple years later, we got married. There's a lot more to that story, but its better told in person. I lived in Evanston for about 5 years while I got my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering studying/researching human-robot-human interaction. So, after 23 years of education, I decided to stay in school. I am currently a Post Doctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University where I am researching Needle Steering. My wife and I are living happily in Washington DC.

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